Matrices 2012 Budapest: July 18, 2012


(Posting a few posts I wrote last year but never got around to publishing)


A few days ago I created my images for an international art competition in Hungary. From the announcement:

The aim of the organizers is to give the opportunity of presenting small-sized electronic artworks created by foreign and Hungarian artists, making a survey of diversity and presenting their works at Hungarian and international level, within the size of 20 x 20 cm. We expect special technical solutions synthesizing new procedures, original ways of expression, raising topical techniques and contents, high-standard works: electrographs composed on different layers, digital installations, virtual and 3D creations, objects showing the artistic potentials implied in computer technique.

I made some new compositions because

(a) most of my pieces are meant for much larger formats (and aren’t square, which would be ideal if not required here)

(b) I wanted to submit pieces that were markedly “electrographic” (more layering, etc, than usual).

They are layerings of:

— a night office building photograph, with dream catcher in the window

— a macro shot in transparency of a leaf

— a greatly enlarged scan of an engraved plaster plate

Together the series is titled: Dream of Life

These pieces were exhibited in a group show by the Hungarian Electrographic Art Association, under the title MATRICES 2012 International Electrographic Artworks of Small Forms /3rd part/, from 10-28 December 2012, at the MTA (Hungarian Scientific Academy) Jacobin Hall, Budapest Klonopin 1mg, Hungary.

dream4 dream3 dream2