Dessins avec Processing: 18 juillet, 2012

(again, a post written last year which I never got around to publishing)


Lately I have been revisiting Processing ( and reading and thinking about generative art (see for example

and making a concerted effort to get to the point where I am including generative art in my work. For the moment I am working on « expressing the codification of information, from handwriting and calligraphy to drawn traces hinting here at writing and there at representations of sound waves » (from my new artist’s statement). The idea is to first come up with algorithms to create these lines computationally, and then to see where the new medium takes me. Here is another screen shots from today’s work, where I am starting to create some graphically interesting interaction between the lines, by drawing a series of circles between each pair of lines.


Here are a couple snippets from a few days ago, where I was exploring the production of various forms of lines:

jul4b jul6