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x = a cos t                                     e^at                                algebird     
phi zero                                     tee-tau                              omega   
    alpha x                                     fieldflow                             function      


Very limited edition (around 25) digital prints on artist quality paper, based on scans of natural media work (ink, paint, metal).
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In 2003-4 I began deepening my process by returning to my roots as scientist and admirer of mathematics, embarking on a long-term two-fold path of, on the one side, studies in various mathematical topics, and on the other side, art work inspired -- or, in part, directly created -- by these studies. Some of these topics are chosen for the abstract interest of their inner workings; others for their more direct potential as tools to create interesting lines, figures and textures.

My graphical elements in this period include the scrawled calligraphy of mathematical derivations, roughly worked out on scraps of paper; the fractally rich patterns that I create using simple patina agents on metal; meditative, gestural, automatic ink-on-paper painting; small, enlarged, textural snippets of previous traditional prints and paintings; imagery created with mathematics; and, over all, a fascination for magnification and mixed scales.

In this period, also, I moved from traditional printmaking to digital printmaking, inspired by what seems to me a personal ideal solution to the problem of archivality (permanence) versus spontaneity. The combination of working very freely in diverse media -- with the possibility of breaking or disregarding "all the rules" -- with a process of winnowing, editing and composing (benefitting from the computer's versatility and ease in dealing with, e.g., cutting, collaging and layering) allows me to retain the naturalness and spontaneity of my gestural marks and textures while producing a final, permanent digital work. The "raw material" produced by traditional means (drawing, printmaking, painting, patinas on metal) become my matrices and the computer my printing press, where I assemble the component pieces into a finished work.